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Strategy Session

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What do attendees say?

"Amazing! The clarity and passion when he speaks about PT [Precision Teaching] definitely helps us as an audience understand with clarity."

"Very interactive and easy to follow."

"Rick tried to be as helpful as possible with every question that was asked. He is clearly passionate about the measurement of behavior and it definitely made an impact on me. I will certainly be changing the way I work as a behavior analyst."

"It was well paced! [Rick] has a great presentation style, he is down to earth and fun!"

"I was made aware on the importance of switching from non-standard graphing to SCC.  I am sold on pinpointing and decision making based on celeration instead of % and frequency.  I am never again doing discontinuous measurement!"

"Rick was very complete in his explanations and provided me with the tenants that guide proficient use of the chart."

** Selected, anonymous comments from end-of-workshop surveys

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