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Strategy Session


Accelerate Behavior Change

Gain confidence in your clinical decision making!

With internationally-known speaker Dr. Rick Kubina (BCBA-D), professor of Special Education at Penn State University, discover...

  • How to create pinpoints — more precise data-collecting tools than vague operational definitions.
  • How to select active, actionable targets instead of inactive, or vague targets.
  • How to capture behavioral data with frequency (rate) on a standard time series graph.
  • How the Standard Celeration Chart communicates dimensional features of behavior — including quantification of acceleration or deceleration.
  • How projection lines and bounce help you determine whether to continue, change, or complete and intervention.

(Note: Workshop content varies. Consult the Eventbrite listing for learning objectives.)


I loved the interactive design of the workshop with menti and slack.  I could tell that your team carefully designed the presentation and interactions, which came across very smooth and effective.  When combined with Rick's passionate and engaging presentation - it made for such an enjoyable experience.  Many participants (including myself) commented about being captivated by the workshop the entire two days, and that is something I don't even see at 50 minute presentations.... Rick is like the Neil DeGrasse Tyson of behavior science.

Michelle Nelson, Program Cooridinator
Office of ABA, University of West Florida

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