Release 6.5 - Friday April 3rd, 2015


[Feature] Chart pagination and scrolling

Yes you read that correctly! You can now scroll the chart forward and backwards in time! 



[Feature] Import Conditions (and Measurements)

Last week we released our Import Measurements feature that provides you tools to import data from your historical charts (typically in Excel - can't help you with the paper ones!) into Chartlytics. This week we are releasing the companion tool to import Conditions. Now you can import all the data!



[Enhancement] You can now set frequency aims to less than 1

In the past we only allow you to set frequency aims in integers (1, 2, 3, 4...) but the chart supports dropping points down to .007. We've removed the integer requirement so you can now set aims for any range on the chart. From .007 to 1000 per minute!



[Enhancement] Aim bar now displayed with min or max values

Back in the day, you had to have both a min and a max value in your aim bars. Well those days are over! You can now just set one and we'll draw a aim bar on the chart for that value. 



[Bug] Fixed a bug related to 0 bar dots and margins

A layout bug was causing dots on the 0 line on Count Only charts to show outside the boundaries of the chart. Our developers squashed this one with a code hammer!