Release 6.3.0 - 6.4.0 - Thursday March 26, 2015


Another couple weeks, another release!

We actually released a few things last week but they had a few remaining bugs to work out. So we're merging our release notes into one post that covers both our 6.3 and 6.4 releases! 

Your feedback is super important to us about what works, doesn't work, is confusing, and so on. If something is not intuitive to you, it's not your fault it's ours! So don't hesitate to email us with something like "Hey Dave! How the <explicative> do you use that new whiz-bang feature? I can't find it! GRRRR!"

And now the list...

Record Ceiling's are now optionally available

Create Pinpoint Step 2 - to activate Record Ceiling for a Pinpoint click the "Include Record Ceiling" toggle switch.
Assign Pinpoint to User - you can override pinpoint defaults when you assign a Pinpoint to a User to create a Chart.

You can now turn on Record Ceilings for a specific Pinpoint. 



Search for Performers

Added the ability to search for Performers from the Performer page. Now you can quickly jump between performers.



Performer specific chart defaults

Added Performer specific chart defaults. Now you can specific default chart settings like Default Counting Time across all Charts for a Performer. 



Phase 1 of our billing and subscription management system

Completed Phase 1 of our Billing and Subscription management system. Soon you will be able to share some of your hard earned money with us! We've also added a promotional credit system whereby Dave and I can give out cash rewards for "sexiest chart" and other whims! You won't see any of the interfaces for the billing system but it will be there - quietly calculating useage fees for organizations so that we can test things before going live. This way we don't accidentally max out a bunch of credit cards...



Performer Chart filtering and sorting

Last week we added chart filtering and sorting capabilities to make it easier for those users that have a lot of charts per performer match up the order of charts in Chartlytics with their paper materials and checklists. 



New support system (phase 1)

We made moves to switch to a new customer interaction and support system. We'll be adding Live Chat capabilities to the software so we can chat with you directly in the app! Too many of you complained that our support responses weren't "instant" so now we're moving to be "preemptive"! You'll hear from us well ahead of the time you're going to find a bug!



User audit trails


In our crusade to provide HIPPA compliant data storage, we've added a user audit trail that will provide Organization Owners and Supervisors with a list of who did what to what data and when.



Bug Fixes

Fixed several bugs including a problem adding aim stars and the chart start date being required.