Release 6.2.0 on 03-09-2015


1. Yearly Chart now available. Check out the Yearly count only SCC.


2. Added an organization-wide setting to allow access to all organization assets by default to all new organization users. The setting will help will organizing your hard-working crew of charters.

3. Added "Unsupported Browser" warning to home page for older browsers. If you still have Netscape running, you will see a message letting you know you might want to upgrade (Chartlytics won't work on super old browsers :-(

4. Hiding inactive/disabled users from "Manage Users" page by default. You can now easily manage those people in your organization who no longer need access to the chart. 

5. Displaying Aim Bands if any of the min/max values are present. In the past we had a bug where Aim Band would only show up if you have max and min values. 

6. We fixed a bug where Aim Star wasn't being displayed correctly. It now shows up correctly.

7. We also increased Aim Star size for better visibility. Show your Aim Stars with pride!

8. Fixed a permission issue that allowed users access to performers outside the organization.

9. Restricted Condition Title length to 60 characters. Now you won't have text running all over the place. If you want to add more description write it below the Condition Title in the Condition Description. You can hover over box and see longer text.