Release 7.3.3, 7.2, and 7.1 - Monday July 6th, 2015


It's that time again - time for a RELEASE! Our development team has been hard a work crushing bugs and adding features to the software that we hope will make your charting lives easier! We continue to add stability to the system, iron out kinks in the user interface and work towards making the system more efficient.

Here's the list of everything that went live this morning. Happy Charting!

  • Fixed FACC bug with default condition settings
  • Adding more customer/user data to Intercom so we can more precisely target users with messaging
  • Added support for "non-chart" related roles including Owner, Admin, Member, and Billing. Member is a view only mode that can see the list of users (not performers, the org profile, and chart settings defaults), Admin can change and invite users, Owner can do everything, and Billing can only change billing details & credit cards.
  • Added the ability to see chart labels on the Web version of the Chart
  • Fixed save as png and print on all browsers, we're not doing server side rendering to PDF which is compatible across everything.
  • Added ability to add "memo's" to Billing Events to make it easier to track things
  • Fixed the chart start date and aim date issue where the date jumps back a day, then a full week
  • Fixed a margin in on the website preventing users on small screens from clicking save buttons
  • Added ability to toggle major and minor grid lines independently on the chart
  • Added percentage improvement/decay to chart hover
  • Changed the chart label layout on all charts to conform to the new standard.
  • Fixed some navigation inconsistencies in the left hand menu
  • Fixed a bug where a user could trigger multiple create performer and create pinpoint modal dialogs causing the UI to hang up
  • Fixed the count only measure for 0; it was showing 0.5
  • users can set the date/time for the whole worksheet now
  • You can toggle acceleration and deceleration lines independently on the chart now
  • Fixed a problem with bounce and celeration being calculated with data off the chart
  • Added the FACC chart
  • Fixed import conditions
  • Fixed import measures to support missing data (accel or decel points) and 0 data values
  • Added geo-mean aggregate stats for FACC
  • Automatically display the latest chart data across all charts
  • Fixed date display on the timeline for weekly monthly and yearly charts
  • A bunch of backend stuff to make the software more stable and maintainable.