Release 7.5 - Thursday, August 13, 2015


It's that time of the ... week, month, day, year? ... again! And we have another release for y'all!

  • We fixed some instability problems with how we generate printable pdf's of charts and how our billing system calculates how much to charge each of you. Yeah they don't sound that similar but software development is tricky like that!
  • We added ad-hoc celeration periods and overall celeration lines - you can now define a date period to draw celeration lines through your data! And with overall celeration lines we jump over those pesky Condition Intervention lines. You can find those in the Chart Viewer.
  • We've made it easier for our customer love team (hi Amy!) to message our users based on activities performed in the app and how much you are charting. Expect to see more in-app messages from us in the near future.
  • We added some help text to a few more screens.
  • We added some hover text to time bars on the chart - so now you can see how long you were actually counting for with out having to look at the Y2 axis! More easy and more awesome!
  • We added some more filters to the Performer Worksheet to help you find the pinpoints more easily. Some of you have a lot of pinpoints on the worksheet!
  • You can now add 60:00 to indicate 1 hour instead of 1 minute in the Counting Time fields on Add/Edit Measure dialogs.

We have a lot more in store for you in the coming weeks including the infamous Timings chart!!! Can you say Roll up a timings chart to Daily then to Weekly then to Monthly and finally to Yearly? Well get used to it, it's coming! Single button data aggregation up stream from timings to the yearly all with some simple button clicks!


Dave, Rick and Amy

Release 7.3.3, 7.2, and 7.1 - Monday July 6th, 2015


It's that time again - time for a RELEASE! Our development team has been hard a work crushing bugs and adding features to the software that we hope will make your charting lives easier! We continue to add stability to the system, iron out kinks in the user interface and work towards making the system more efficient.

Here's the list of everything that went live this morning. Happy Charting!

  • Fixed FACC bug with default condition settings
  • Adding more customer/user data to Intercom so we can more precisely target users with messaging
  • Added support for "non-chart" related roles including Owner, Admin, Member, and Billing. Member is a view only mode that can see the list of users (not performers, the org profile, and chart settings defaults), Admin can change and invite users, Owner can do everything, and Billing can only change billing details & credit cards.
  • Added the ability to see chart labels on the Web version of the Chart
  • Fixed save as png and print on all browsers, we're not doing server side rendering to PDF which is compatible across everything.
  • Added ability to add "memo's" to Billing Events to make it easier to track things
  • Fixed the chart start date and aim date issue where the date jumps back a day, then a full week
  • Fixed a margin in on the website preventing users on small screens from clicking save buttons
  • Added ability to toggle major and minor grid lines independently on the chart
  • Added percentage improvement/decay to chart hover
  • Changed the chart label layout on all charts to conform to the new standard.
  • Fixed some navigation inconsistencies in the left hand menu
  • Fixed a bug where a user could trigger multiple create performer and create pinpoint modal dialogs causing the UI to hang up
  • Fixed the count only measure for 0; it was showing 0.5
  • users can set the date/time for the whole worksheet now
  • You can toggle acceleration and deceleration lines independently on the chart now
  • Fixed a problem with bounce and celeration being calculated with data off the chart
  • Added the FACC chart
  • Fixed import conditions
  • Fixed import measures to support missing data (accel or decel points) and 0 data values
  • Added geo-mean aggregate stats for FACC
  • Automatically display the latest chart data across all charts
  • Fixed date display on the timeline for weekly monthly and yearly charts
  • A bunch of backend stuff to make the software more stable and maintainable.

Release 7.0.6


Today we released a few minor fixes to some things:

  • Added toggles to turn on/off pagination and the help button on the chart viewer.
  • Fixed the import measurements tool to support acceleration or deceleration or both data points.
  • Fixed the import conditions tool to correctly detect condition type.
  • Fixed some button margins that were getting covered up by our help button.
  • Fixed a problem with detecting outdated web browsers.
  • Fixed timezone selection issues with new organization registrations on the iPad.

We still have lot's more to do! 

Release 6.6.0 - Thursday April 9th, 2015


We did another release today! Our apologies for the brevity on the release notes. We'll add more to this in the next day or so with some screen casts and more descriptions. 

  • Switched to vimeo video tutorial - firefox didn't like our last video format.
  • Category names are editable now
  • Improved analytics, added Segment's analytics.js on client-side - we can now more easily watch what you are doing and help fix things when they break.
  • Jump value is calculated even if there are less than 5 measurements after a condition change
  • Fixed chart export to image to reflect selected options
  • Fixed a crash when doing account-related activities
  • Fixed chart scrolling in Firefox
  • Improved error pages by separating 404 - no more annoying "Error - Something broke" messages!
  • Fixed highlighting sidebar menu for group
  • Fixed a crash when user updates own profile

Release 6.5 - Friday April 3rd, 2015


[Feature] Chart pagination and scrolling

Yes you read that correctly! You can now scroll the chart forward and backwards in time! 



[Feature] Import Conditions (and Measurements)

Last week we released our Import Measurements feature that provides you tools to import data from your historical charts (typically in Excel - can't help you with the paper ones!) into Chartlytics. This week we are releasing the companion tool to import Conditions. Now you can import all the data!



[Enhancement] You can now set frequency aims to less than 1

In the past we only allow you to set frequency aims in integers (1, 2, 3, 4...) but the chart supports dropping points down to .007. We've removed the integer requirement so you can now set aims for any range on the chart. From .007 to 1000 per minute!



[Enhancement] Aim bar now displayed with min or max values

Back in the day, you had to have both a min and a max value in your aim bars. Well those days are over! You can now just set one and we'll draw a aim bar on the chart for that value. 



[Bug] Fixed a bug related to 0 bar dots and margins

A layout bug was causing dots on the 0 line on Count Only charts to show outside the boundaries of the chart. Our developers squashed this one with a code hammer!

Release 6.3.0 - 6.4.0 - Thursday March 26, 2015


Another couple weeks, another release!

We actually released a few things last week but they had a few remaining bugs to work out. So we're merging our release notes into one post that covers both our 6.3 and 6.4 releases! 

Your feedback is super important to us about what works, doesn't work, is confusing, and so on. If something is not intuitive to you, it's not your fault it's ours! So don't hesitate to email us with something like "Hey Dave! How the <explicative> do you use that new whiz-bang feature? I can't find it! GRRRR!"

And now the list...

Record Ceiling's are now optionally available

Create Pinpoint Step 2 - to activate Record Ceiling for a Pinpoint click the "Include Record Ceiling" toggle switch.
Assign Pinpoint to User - you can override pinpoint defaults when you assign a Pinpoint to a User to create a Chart.

You can now turn on Record Ceilings for a specific Pinpoint. 



Search for Performers

Added the ability to search for Performers from the Performer page. Now you can quickly jump between performers.



Performer specific chart defaults

Added Performer specific chart defaults. Now you can specific default chart settings like Default Counting Time across all Charts for a Performer. 



Phase 1 of our billing and subscription management system

Completed Phase 1 of our Billing and Subscription management system. Soon you will be able to share some of your hard earned money with us! We've also added a promotional credit system whereby Dave and I can give out cash rewards for "sexiest chart" and other whims! You won't see any of the interfaces for the billing system but it will be there - quietly calculating useage fees for organizations so that we can test things before going live. This way we don't accidentally max out a bunch of credit cards...



Performer Chart filtering and sorting

Last week we added chart filtering and sorting capabilities to make it easier for those users that have a lot of charts per performer match up the order of charts in Chartlytics with their paper materials and checklists. 



New support system (phase 1)

We made moves to switch to a new customer interaction and support system. We'll be adding Live Chat capabilities to the software so we can chat with you directly in the app! Too many of you complained that our support responses weren't "instant" so now we're moving to be "preemptive"! You'll hear from us well ahead of the time you're going to find a bug!



User audit trails


In our crusade to provide HIPPA compliant data storage, we've added a user audit trail that will provide Organization Owners and Supervisors with a list of who did what to what data and when.



Bug Fixes

Fixed several bugs including a problem adding aim stars and the chart start date being required. 

Release 6.2.0 on 03-09-2015


1. Yearly Chart now available. Check out the Yearly count only SCC.


2. Added an organization-wide setting to allow access to all organization assets by default to all new organization users. The setting will help will organizing your hard-working crew of charters.

3. Added "Unsupported Browser" warning to home page for older browsers. If you still have Netscape running, you will see a message letting you know you might want to upgrade (Chartlytics won't work on super old browsers :-(

4. Hiding inactive/disabled users from "Manage Users" page by default. You can now easily manage those people in your organization who no longer need access to the chart. 

5. Displaying Aim Bands if any of the min/max values are present. In the past we had a bug where Aim Band would only show up if you have max and min values. 

6. We fixed a bug where Aim Star wasn't being displayed correctly. It now shows up correctly.

7. We also increased Aim Star size for better visibility. Show your Aim Stars with pride!

8. Fixed a permission issue that allowed users access to performers outside the organization.

9. Restricted Condition Title length to 60 characters. Now you won't have text running all over the place. If you want to add more description write it below the Condition Title in the Condition Description. You can hover over box and see longer text.