Precision Measurement for Precision Decision Making

Becoming a BCBA or a BCaBA is no small achievement, so it is important you receive the support and instruction necessary for success. Our program offers a unique approach to applying behavior analytic principles in a strong measurement framework.  All of our instructors have experience using the principles of behavior and Precision Teaching. You can be sure that you will not only receive your supervision hours, but will attain critical skills and education necessary to flourish as a behavior analyst.


How We Supervise:

Online Video Conference
You and your BCBA can talk, review documents, and interact from anywhere in the world.

One-on-one and Group
A portion of your supervision will be split between one-on-one meetings with your BCBA supervisor and group sessions with your supervisor and peers. We find the mixture of personalized and group interactions works best to expose supervisees to a rich perspective and knowledge from peers and experts.

Private Cohort Forums
You and your peers will be given exclusive access to a private forum. Here you can discuss what you are learning, ask for help, share discoveries, coordinate study groups, ask questions, and more.


What is Involved:

  1. Introduction to the supervision process and assessment of needs and interests
  2. Using empirically validated literature to assist in solving problems and answering questions
  3. Precisely defining behavior using movement cycles, learning channels, and pinpoints
  4. Using the Standard Celeration Chart, line graphs, and bar graphs to make good decisions
  5. Knowing when to make a change
  6. Monitoring behavior interventions
  7. Engaging in group sessions to build a network and learn from each other*
  8. Customized experience to maximize your time as a supervisee
  9. Troubleshooting issues that occur in practice
  10. Access to a team of behavior analysts that have specialized interests and expertise

4 Sessions Per Month