Strategy Session

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Strategy Session

Supercharge Special Education

Free yourself from binders and paper data — and finally get the meaningful data collection you need. Make educational decisions with speed and confidence. With instant at-a-glance analytics, you know exactly what instruction or intervention to deliver next. 

A Single System

Collect and analyze clear, clean data in one location. For every student, get sensitive measurements and powerful analytics that help you make decisions. Chartlytics data helps you race toward any IEP goal — whether working on behavior reduction, skill growth, or academic improvement. 



Students Self-Advocate

Students thrill in the joy of daily progress when they track their goals on Chartlytics. All the data points go straight into our secure cloud. With a quick glance at the chart, paraprofessionals and lead teachers know to celebrate, assist, or change instruction to help students succeed.


Sharable Data

Finally get everyone on the same page. Standard language and graphs are not only easy to understand, but they empower all stakeholders to see the rate of achievement. Plus, everyone can easily use the cloud-based platform to share data access among teachers, administrators, students, and parents.


Supercharge Special Education

Your students deserve it — and so do you!