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Strategy Session

Level Up Your Organization's Behavior Change

Request a workshop, and we'll come right to your organization — or provide the remote training you need. With years of Precision Teaching research and presentations under our belts, we'll help you identify the tools and techniques needed to effect behavior change more powerfully than ever.

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The Content

Workshops can focus on Precision Teaching generally, or on reductive behavior change, or on a topic of your choosing. Either way, we'll introduce you to the benefits of  a system that pinpoints behavior in a way everyone can observe and understand, records data on a standard chart with high-quality metrics and analytics, and accelerates data-driven decisions for faster outcomes. 

Some possible topics include: 

How to pinpoint authentic change targets

  • Discover how to select active, actionable targets instead of inactive, or vague targets.Activities help your team transform vague targets (e.g., aggression, tantrums, participation) into precise pinpoints.
  • See the role of context in behavior change. Adding context to movement cycles promotes clarity, countability, and transparency in all written documents and working forms. 

How to measure behavior with the most accurate, informative metrics

  • Expressing pinpoints with dimensional units (frequency, rate, latency, etc.) leads to a full-bodied dimensional analysis of the pinpointed behavior. The better one can measure a target, the better one can understand a phenomena of interest. See how other measures can mislead and obscure data analysis.
  • Learn to use visual analytics, such as level, level change, bounce, and projection lines. Analysis on a standard chart empowers your team to make in-the-moment decisions.

How to empower data-driven decisions through visual analytics

  • A strong visual display (the Standard Celeration Chart) promotes analytical thinking by facilitating the assessment and evaluation of charted information and conclusions. Practice entering, reading, and interpreting data and engaging in analytical reasoning.
  • Learn to communicate critical change metrics (e.g., trend, variability, level) for their organization, client, student, or child. With a Standard Celeration Chart, all team members can record and share data in a uniform and easily comprehensible manner. 

How to address challenging behavior

  • Augment functional assessment with the Functional Analysis Celeration Chart, and triage reductive behavior within a Precision Teaching classification model.
  • Learn to apply objective decision rules governing reductive and growth targets, and employ a performance acceleration model to challenging behavior targets.


Practice? CEUs? We've got you covered.

 With any topic you select, your team will receive BOTH a presentation of information AND hands-on practice. Examples and activities will come from sources relevant to your field, and will help you implement Precision Teaching to achieve your goals. 

Continuing education credits/hours (CEUs) may be available. Reach out to us for more information. 

Implement Precision Teaching
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