More than just a paper substitute.


Save Time With Automatic Calculations

  • Never again math out things like: celeration, bounce, jumps, turns, improvement indexes, days-to-aim

  • We made Chartlytics a powerful math machine, so you can spend less time fretting over calculations and more time helping your client. 


Easily See Trends In Behavior Over Time

  • We greatly simplify workflow around “rolling” up chart data across time.

  • Through the click of a button you can view aggregated daily chart data on a weekly chart, then to a monthly, ending up at a yearly view of chart information.

  • You no longer have to tediously copy chart data from one to the other.

Convenient Remote Access To Charts

  • Cloud based design allows for secure access to performer data from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

  • All stakeholders in the educational team can collaborate instantly about a learner’s program.

  • Instant automatic saving ensure that whoever is working with a student or inputing data will never lose his progress


Reduced Training Time And Effort

  • You no longer have to invest significant time and effort to train new employees to chart and interpret data on the standard celeration chart.

  • Chartlytics reduces the complex paper based data collection process to simple fill in the blank web based forms.

  • All precision teaching metrics are automatically and precisely calculated for you and your "mark" is dropped automatically on the chart – you can finally toss the finders!

Simple Interface Packed With Advanced Features 

  • Capture notes in real time to communicate effects of intervention

  • Chartlytics enables users to give context to their data, by inserting text, picture, and video annotations right onto the graph . 

You don't need to waste any more time and money buying paper charts.

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