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Strategy Session

Precision SLP: Pathways for Improving Measurement in Speech-Language Services 

For "Better Speech and Hearing Month," we're thrilled to have guest host Adam Hockman, who's worked with top organizations to implement Precision Teaching.

Recorded Webinar Available!

Abstract: Precision Teaching (PT) holds great promise for the field of communication disorders. When clinicians prepare and implement treatment plans, they face many challenges, particularly around how to teach and practice new skills, and how to measure the effectiveness of their intervention. PT and the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) provide a sensitive measurement tool to capture a client’s growth, and help the clinician streamline the treatment process, accelerate learning gains, and inform decision making.

This webinar will illustrate the broad applications of precision measurement to speech-language assessment and treatment. In a series of clinical vignettes, Adam Hockman will elucidate how PT can be effectively embedded within schools, hospitals, and the private sector with children and adults. The presentation will use examples from articulation therapy, voice disorders and hygiene, stuttering/fluency, accent reduction, augmentative/alternative communication (AAC), and the supervision of staff and preservice clinicians to demonstrate the wide ranging applications of PT.

**BACB Type 2 CEUs may be available. The webinar is about 2 hours long.


Research Associate with the Mechner Foundation

Adam Hockman is a research associate with the Mechner Foundation in New York City. His work and interests focus primarily on applying behavior analytic instructional design and technology and precision measurement to the advancement of health professional education and clinical interventions. He consults with professionals on introducing and integrating Precision Teaching (PT) into their clinical practice. Through his diverse training experiences with leaders and top organizations in the field of learning science and education, Adam brings a unique perspective to applying PT in complex and dysfunctional clinical environments. He is a co-founder of Mifa Music Training, a precision teaching-based music learning organization in NYC, and serves on the executive committee of the Standard Celeration Society. Adam received his undergraduate training in communication sciences and disorders from Utah State University.


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