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Strategy Session

Precision Teaching Playbooks™

Courses and supplements for behavior analysts


Precision Teaching for Particular Topics

With online courses and supplemental materials, go step-by-step through the philosophy, science, and implementation of Precision Teaching in a particular subject.


This combination of high-quality curriculum and smart practice helps children start on the path towards forever fluency in reading.

First, our online course and videos show you how to use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, a direct instruction (scripted) curriculum backed by studies and successes. Then, see how smart practice with the supplement builds fluency, not just accuracy. Read more

100 Easy Lessons with Amy Evans

Big 6 + 6

Learn to teach component motor skills.

* Coming soon

child reaching Big 6.jpg


Gain the skills for individualized toilet training.

*Coming soon


Behavior Reduction

Discover a framework for quickly reducing problem behaviors.

* Coming soon


Curriculum-Based Measurement

Quickly see how students are progressing.

* Coming soon

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Frequency Building

Develop smart practice for skill endurance, retention, stability, and application.

* Coming soon



Gain Access to the Playbooks

Request a strategy session to discuss implementing Precision Teaching in your practice. A Chartlytics behavior change agent will contact you soon. (Playbooks are complimentary with a Chartlytics subscription.)

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