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Make confident, data-driven decisions that quickly change behavior
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Simple, Fast Decisions for Learner Achievement

Accelerate outcomes with ease. The Chartlytics platform deploys measurement science so you can offer better services to more people. Don’t compromise quality while growing your organization — use our precision measurement system to quickly and easily help learners succeed.

Precisely Measure Behavior

Operational definitions can cause confusion and hinder behavioral detection. Chartlytics offers "pinpoints" that are easy to observe and detect. The precise pinpoints equip staff to confidently count any behavior because they focus on observable action, directed toward one target, and in one setting. The "pinpoint generator" makes it extra simple and intuitive develop pinpoints and track them on the digital chart.


Accurately Count Behavior

Making sound instructional decisions require accurate data. Chartlytics' pinpoints make data collection easy. Active behavior is much easier to identify and record than motionless, or poorly defined targets. The difference is clear: pinpoints lead to better data collection.


Capture Meaningful Data

Percent correct just isn't enough. All behavior occurs in time, so we need time-sensitive measures. That's why Chartlytics displays frequency (rate), bounce (variability), latency, and duration. Our digital chart automatically shows these measures so you can quickly see the data and make decisions.

legacy measures v dimensional measures.png

Deploy Continuous and Complete Observation

Observing behavior can be hard. That's why techniques like momentary time sampling (interval recording) were developed. But  these techniques can grossly over- or under-estimate behavior. Instead, see how to easily apply our continuous and complete observation strategy.


Utilize Visual Display

Chartlytics offers the most information-rich data display for behavior change. Also, our digital Standard Celeration Chart is easy to use. Within 4 seconds, data is on the visual display and showing the effects of the intervention. You can see acceleration and deceleration lines (black), which quantify the rate of change. Meanwhile, variability (green) and condition lines (red) also provide at-a-glance insight on how well the intervention is working.

bounce and intervention lines.png

Quantification, not Qualification

Linear graph users subjectively qualify trend with words such as  "moderately" or "gradually" increasing. Chartlytics brings high science and precision to all users. Real numbers like x2.0 acceleration or ÷1.1 deceleration are standard and easy to understand. Staff immediately comprehend that behavior is quickly doubling, or that reductive behavior is slowly creeping toward extinction. Insurance companies and parents understand the numbers, too!


Make Confident Decisions

With accurate data collection, informative data display, and easy to understand numbers, Chartlytics empowers people to make confident decisions. Even children who use the chart can quickly see if their "numbers are going up fast enough." Standard rules also equip staff to know instantly whether to change, continue, or complete the intervention or instruction.

Rules-based decision making.png

The Icing on the Cake

Chartlytics isn't just a digital chart; it's a measurement system that accelerates positive transformation. So we provide coaching/training to master simple, complementary techniques. It's easy to teach staff powerful behavior change techniques:

  • Smart practice. Learn to use short, focused, "frequency building" sessions to rapidly build skills.
  • Shape instead of always prompting. 
  • Break down skills. Quickly identify missing element (smaller) skills needed for compound (complex) behaviors.


Accelerate Outcomes Today

The opportunity is here. Help more clients better and faster than ever. We'll strategize the best ways to implement Chartlytics in your practice.

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