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Welcome Behavioral Observation Podcast Listeners!

We worked with Matt Cicoria to create a Precision Teaching Starter Pack for listeners of the Behavioral Observation Podcast. Sign up to accelerate outcomes with a free webinar (worth 1 Type 2 BACB CEU) and ebook — and a bonus discount.

Why Precision Teaching?

Because it works. Precision Teaching is based on 50+ years of peer-reviewed research and experience in applied academic and behavioral settings.  Chartlytics helps you accelerate client outcomes by simplifying data collection, standardizing decision-making, and projecting outcomes. 


The Webinar & CEU

Discover the impact of Precision Teaching today with webinar worth 1 BACB Type 2 CEU. With an eye toward published research, Dr. Rick Kubina and Dr. Amanda Kelly will show you

  • How to use level and level change, to make data-driven decisions in real-life practice
  • How to analyze celeration (rate of change) between baseline and intervention
  • How the SCC shows the significance (or insignificance) of level change
  • How to make master-level decisions with the Standard Celeration Chart
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The Ebook

Quickly and easily learn the basics of Precision Teaching. With case studies, example graphs, and links to resources, this ebook speedily increases understanding of the Standard Celeration Chart. Read how "rate of responding" and the cumulative recorder (inherited from B.F. Skinner) developed into the Precision Teaching method. Find out how pinpointing, changing, recording, and trying again can supercharge behavior change. 

Newly revised and expanded!

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Bonus Workshop Discount

Matt's listeners get an exclusive 10% discount off any ticket for any workshop, anywhere. These 2-day intensive workshops will provide participants with the skill to pinpoint individual targets, produce intensive quantitative data, and then assess and evaluate visual evidence.

Whether growing behavior or reducing challenging behavior, we have a workshop to help. Just click on a location and enter the code "Matt" to score. 

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Start today with Precision Teaching. 

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