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Strategy Session

Learning Pictures: Helping Precision Teachers Make Quality Decisions Quickly

Amazing educator and presenter Jason Guild is the guest host for our August webinar! He's covering the hot topic of learning pictures and how to make front-line decisions with the SCC.

Abstract: What makes Precision Teaching and the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) so special? They allow you to analyze and quickly make decisions with the data you collect. You could collect a mountain of data, but without quality analysis, it is often useless. At Haughland, students with ASD and staff use "learning pictures" to analyze data and make decisions about what to do next.

This webinar will discuss how to simplify data analysis and decision making with SCC data. It will show how learning pictures, along with some other simple techniques, can make decisions easy for even the newest SCC users. The steps that will be taught have been designed to be used by both professionals, and their students, across a wide variety of subjects and areas where skills need to be built.

**1 BACB Type 2 CEU is available for purchase. The webinar is about 1 hour long.

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Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator at Haugland Learning Center

Jason Guild is the Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator at Haugland Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio and a Consultant for Morningside Teachers Academy. He started as a teacher in 2010 in Haugland’s ASPIRE Program and was a part of the first team to replicate the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction with students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. While earning his degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, he discovered his love for teaching while tutoring other students. In addition to his curriculum and student assessment duties, Jason trains Haugland’s staff in many different instructional techniques, including Precision Teaching, classroom management, direct instruction, and mathetics. Jason has presented at many professional conferences on the exciting techniques used at Haugland and the wonderful progress its students have made over the years. Jason will proudly tell anyone that asks that he has his dream job.


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