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Strategy Session

Fluency with 100 Easy Lessons

A Precision Teaching Playbook™ by Chartlytics, written and created by Amy Evans, M.Ed., BCBA


Teach Your Child to Forever Read

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope." But slow, accurate reading isn't enough. This combination of high-quality curriculum and smart practice helps children start on the path towards forever fluency.


The Curriculum

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a direct instruction (scripted) curriculum backed by studies and successes. Amy's online courses and videos show you how to use the book. Learn the right way to pronounce short and long letter sounds, and how to shape letters.

Then, discover how smart practice builds fluency, not just accuracy.

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The Practice

Amy's supplemental worksheets and techniques help children to rapidly build fluency — the ability to retain knowledge, use it under distracting circumstances, and apply it in new situations.

Plus, you'll see how to record progress on a digital Standard Celeration Chart. Track the rate of corrects and incorrects, and accurately project when fluency aims will be reached.



Gain Access to the Playbook

Request a strategy session to discuss implementing Precision Teaching in your practice. A Chartlytics behavior change agent will contact you soon. (Playbooks are complimentary with a Chartlytics subscription.)

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