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Strategy Session

Experience Precision Teaching in Person

We're bringing the mountain to you. Discover how precisely defining behavior, precisely recording behavior, and using a standard chart to make data-driven decisions can help your clients progress faster than ever. Know exactly what your data means, and exactly what to do to help learners.

Our workshops and webinars cover behavior growth, reduction, maintenance — plus practical techniques, like frequency building, for accelerated learning. Read the descriptions to see what powerful tools and outcomes each provides.

Upcoming Conferences

Arkansas ABA (Bentonville, Nov 2, 2018)
Dr. Rick Kubina (BCBA-D) will be keynoting the event

International Precision Teaching Conference (Seattle, Nov 8-10, 2018)
Amy Evans (BCBA), Shelby Gundling (BCBA), Dr. Rick Kubina (BCBA-D), and Dr. Sal Ruiz (BCBA) will be speaking

Behavior Analyst Leadership Council (New Haven, Mar 28-29, 2019)
Dr. Rick Kubina (BCBA-D) will be speaking

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Conference on Autism (Buellton, Apr 26 , 2019)
Dr. Rick Kubina (BCBA-D) will be speaking



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Free Webinar with Dr. Richard Laitinen

Free Webinar with Dr. Richard Laitinen

Functional Curriculum Design for Language-Cognitive Habilitation: Engineering and Monitoring Complex Contingency Fields

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Following a brief review of the history of curriculum design the presentation will cover modern, behavior analytic design principles and technologies that provide a basis for a functional analysis of curriculum and which drive the production of generative learning outcomes. The presentation will also cover contributions to curricular design and outcome measurement from both Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and Precision Teaching (PT) perspectives.

**1 BACB Type 2 CEU is available for FREE. with live attendance

KEndra Newsome

Dr. Kendra Newsome

Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) into Behavior Analytic Service Models

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How can you help a client struggling with private events? Guest host Dr. Kendra Newsome, a brilliant contributor to ABA science, gives low-effort, high-impact examples and shows how to address socially relevant, observable, and measurable behavior with ACT.

**One [1] BACB Type 2 CEU available. 

elizabeth haughton handwriting webinar

Elizabeth Haughton

Handwriting Skills for Learners with Special Needs

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Over the last 50 years, Elizabeth Haughton has helped produce transformational outcomes for learners with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, ASD, and other diagnoses. We’re honored to have her speak on developing a key functional language skill: handwriting.

** One [1] BACB Type 2 CEU available.