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Strategy Session

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Training the Big 6 (and becoming a Hero) with Chartlytics

September 23, 2015

child reaching Big 6A BCBA in France worked with a 13-year-old client with communication needs who can only exchange 3 PECs pictures... until the BCBA implements Precision Teaching, Chartlytics digital SCC, and "The Big 6." The fine motor movement cycles Cecilia developed through practicing the Big 6 appear to have generalized to other situations, giving her access to new activities.  Read Blog Post→

A clicker, a timer, and speech pathology: Integrating SLP and PT

May 09, 2018

In an interview, a BCBA/SLP in Australia discussed her experience using Chartlytics' digital Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) with learners age 2-15. Precision measurement gave her a way to show progress visually, not just tell anecdotal accounts. With examples and tips. Read Blog Post →

Chartlytics collaboration DOUBLES literacy skills of third graders in Lake City, SC public school

May 23, 2018

Slide4The Florence County School District (Main Street Elementary School) in Lake City, South Carolina, agreed to address the literacy needs of 22 third graders with a pilot program. Chartlytics collaborated with the Aubrey Daniels Institute, Educational Foundation of Lower Florence County, and many others to create the program.... which resulted in early literacy skill and/or reading fluency improvements for all 22 studentsRead Case Study →

Speeding Up Day Habilitation Service Delivery!

June 12, 2015
A daytime habilitation service (with over 100 clients) in Reno, Nevada recognized that it struggled to deliver learning outcomes. With Chartlytics data collection and analysis, the provider was able to help client Nick speed toward handwriting success — and the staff saw progress and actively cheered him on.  Read Blog Post →

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