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Since it's so important to continue learning new aspects of behavior science, we know you'll see the value of these 14 recorded webinars. Get a solid, applicable grip on many ideas behind Precision Teaching. Collect data in a way that finally makes sense. Interpret your data with speed and ease. And discover methods that really help your clients reach their goals faster than ever.

      1. Getting Started with Precision Teaching
      2. How to Become a Master-Level Data-Driven Decision-Making Behavior Analyst
      3. Making Better Decisions with Visual Analysis
      4. 4 Simple Ways to Supercharge Instruction with Behavior Fluency
      5. Blending Behavior Analysis with Precision Measurement for Students with ASD: A Public School Success Story
      6. What Is Variability and Why Do You Care?
      7. How to Win Friends with Quantification and Prediction
      8. Applying Frequency Building to Video Prompting: A Powerful Combination
      9. Discovering Your “Return on Investments”
      10. Visual Analysis (isn’t) Visual Analytics
      11. Pinpointing Social Skills
      12. The Truth about Precent Correct in Behavioral Measurement
      13. Can Visual Displays Change Lives?
      14. The Differences between Instruction, Intervention, & Data Analysis

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