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Strategy Session

Chartlytics at IPTC

Rick Kubina
Jan 16, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Have you ever attended an International Precision Teaching Conference (IPTC)? If you answered no, then set your calendar for the next one. At the conference you will not only meet some of the best practitioners and researchers in performance improvement, learning, and measurement, but also some of the nicest people you can imagine.

Did I mention the information? At IPTC you will learn things. You will also come away with ideas. And if you need a chart parent, you can get one of those also! And the best thing? You can see me in full celeration ninja gear. 

During the last few IPTCs, Chartlytics has attended. My favorite picture from the IPTC 2014, superstar teacher Shiloh posing with Chartlytics, Shiloh works at the prestigious Morningside Academy in Seattle Washington. 


Figure 1. Shiloh posing with Chartlytics running on an iPad.

Many learning centers like Morningside have used paper charts to evaluate leaning and make important decisions. Some people will no doubt continue to use paper charts, but others will change when they see the options that Chartlytics can offer.

The research highlight for Chartlytics came from session 21. From the IPTC program:

KAITLYN M. BRENNAN University of Pittsburgh
Abstract: This presentation details the implementation of a precision teaching program in a large, urban, inclusive school district.Teachers and administrators received a series of professional development sessions on the principles of Precision Teaching, the Chart, and guidance on the implementation of these principles into their daily classroom practices. Practical handouts and templates will be distributed which outline how to build effective professional development sessions for teachers, content area coaches, and administrators.

I attended the above named session and came away humbled by the incredible work the teachers and students have so far conducted. The picture below shows off a student making exceptional progress. Dan’s corrects grew at a x1.41 (a 41% weekly growth rate). Incorrects decayed by a ÷1.67 (a solid 40% weekly decrease). 


Figure 2. Kaitlyn Brennan presenting data showing a student’s progress.

Another part of the presentation demonstrated how the pinpoint generator helped created solid curricular targets for the students and the teacher.


Figure 3. A slide showing pinpoints.

Overall, the previous presentation indicated students in an urban school district have greatly benefited from Chartlytics. The teachers have also expressed satisfaction using Chartlytics. Happy teachers, happy students, and happy researchers, what could be better?


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