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About Us

Our mission started when Precision Teaching was founded. Today, we're an international movement that believes "the learner knows best." And we believe that we can best adapt to our learners' needs with precise measurement and data-driven behavior change.


Dr. Ogden Lindsley develops Precision Teaching:  “First, let me emphasize that precision teaching came about because of children in special education classrooms. If it had not been for these children communicating their needs to their teachers and the teachers sharing ideas with us, we could not have developed precision teaching as beautifully and quickly as we did.”



Dr. Ogden Lindsley coins the name Precision Teaching because “what was really new in our procedure was precision.” Lindsley (1971) hoped that the standard recording and charting system would be used throughout the behavioral fields as Precision School Psychology, Precision Social Work (Green & Morrow, 1972), Precision Speech Therapy (Johnson, 1972), and so on.



Co-founders Dr. Rick Kubina and Dave Stevens met at one of Dr. Kubina’s presentations at Penn State University. There, Mr. Stevens was inspired by the power of Precision Teaching to help kids that need a little extra attention. The two partnered up to develop the Chartlytics platform: providing the science and technology of learning.


Chartlytics won first place in the Penn State EdTech Network BIG IDEA contest, competing against 42 other companies. The contest "looked for people who were passionate about developing and bringing to market products, services, or solutions to improve learning and drive student success."



Chartlytics merged with CentralReach, a premiere provider of electronic health record and practice management software for clinics focused on applied behavioral analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy, and K-12 education. With the backing of Insight Venture Partners, CentralReach and Chartlytics will lead the field with an all-in-one streamlined platform that takes care of a therapy practice’s needs from scheduling, payroll, billing and claims processing to data collection, precision measurement and real-time intervention decisions.



Chartlytics is staying true to learners: We believe the "learner knows best," and it is our privileged responsibility to adapt educational materials to our learners' needs. We do so by precisely measuring behavior, judging the outcomes of the performance intervention on a standard chart, and make changes if the data tell us an adaptation is in order.


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Meet the Team

We're a group of enthusiastic behavior change professionals. And we're here to help you help them.

Rick Kubina

Director of Research, P.h.D., BCBA-D

Dr. Richard Kubina, Jr.

Rick is a BCBA-D, professor of Special Education at The Pennsylvania State University, and author of The Precision Teaching Book

Rick has a bachelor's degree (psychology) from Youngstown State University, a master's and a doctoral degree (special education) from The Ohio State University. Rick has published multiple research articles, books, and book chapters on evidence-based education and measurement of student progress. He also served as the past Editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration. Kubina has worked with school districts and charter schools using Precision Teaching, effective practice methods, and other measurably superior educational programs.

 Pick his brain at our Precision Teaching workshops.

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Director of Chartlytics

David Stevens

Dave spent much of his professional career carefully navigating the emerging technologies of growth in our growing digital community. 

Previously, Dave worked as an independent consultant, helping technology startups grow their businesses. His computer science experience ranged from working with hedge funds to construction equipment companies. He was chief architect of a .com company, and he founded and sold his own service content management company. Before that, Dave earned his degree in computer science from The Pennsylvania State University.

Talk with him about the Chartlytics app and services.

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Sales Pro

Zac McKitrick

Zac is your go-to guy for discussing Chartlytics implementation for your organization. Ask him about workshops and Chartlytics packages.

Amy Evans


Amy Evans

Amy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Over the past 10 years, Amy has worked in private learning centers, public school classrooms, home-based intervention and homeschool settings, combining the principles of Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, and Direct Instruction to solve educational and behavioral challenges. Talk with her about curriculum, Chartlytics Playbooks™, or the Jumpstart program.

Shelby Gundling


Shelby Gundling

Shelby is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Licensed Behavior Specialist. She has experience in various roles and settings, including home, public & private school, and community settings.  She has worked in direct implementation, supervisory, and consultative roles.  Ask her about Chartlytics’ Ambassador Program.

Sal Ruiz


Salvador Ruiz

Sal applied his training in Precision Teaching and Behavior Analysis to treat challenging behavior in the public school setting. His work led him to pursue a Ph.D. and conduct research at Penn Sate University. Ask him about BACB supervision and behavior reduction.

Megan Mahaffy

IT Consultant / Billing

Megan Mahaffy

Megan handles Chartlytics internal and external billing.

Donovan Jimenez

Senior Software Architect

Donovan Jimenez

Donovan streamlines the Chartlytics app and other online/offline applications, making them better and more accessible to every day users.

Gareth Small

Software Engineer

Gareth Small

Gareth works tirelessly to add new features to the Chartlytics app, and to make the digital Standard Celeration Chart even more user friendly.

Becca Byers

Copywriter & Designer

Rebecca Byers

Becca writes and designs for Chartlytics. She helps to provide more beautiful and understandable web, print, and interactive experiences.


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