"Chartlytics has made our classroom more data-driven and efficient! The user-friendliness of the program makes it ideal for involving related service professionals, parents, and students in the data collection process. Chartlytics made self-monitoring data a possibility for my students with severe cognitive disabilities and developmental delays increasing their intrinsic motivation and their ability to self-advocate!"


Stephanie Slavick

TAC / Intermediate  Unit 1, PA

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Improve behavioral and academic outcomes efficiently and effectively.


A Single System for Behavioral Reduction and Academic Improvement

  • Chartlytics is a curriculum agnostic precision measurement system that works across all curriculums and instructional systems.
  • Teachers precisely define behavior and academic targets on an individual student basis that support IEP goals and operational definitions.
  • Use sensitive measurements and powerful analytics to determine the effects of instruction on learning within behavior reduction or academic improvement interventions

Simple, Painless Data Collection and Reporting for Frequent Progress Monitoring

  • Simple data entry forms work across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Kids can self-collect and monitor their progress reducing data collection effort and increasing independence and generative learning.
  • Teachers and paraprofessionals can monitor data collection in real time


Precise, Sensitive and Powerful Analytics 

  • Quantitative measurement and highly sensitive analytics of the rate and quality of learning provide immediate insights about effects of interventions on behavior and skills.
  • Chartlytics provides a standard vocabulary to describe the rate of learning elevating the educational team’s collaboration and understanding of behavior.
  • Standard graphical visualizations of learning allow the educational team to make quick informed decisions about the effects of interventions at a glance.

Communicating Behavior and Effects of Interventions Is Simple and Seamless

  • Quickly view progress towards goals across students, classes, teachers, and grade levels using Chartlytics Dashboards.
  • Eliminate time-consuming reporting by exporting Chartlytics progress monitoring data and charts directly to your IEP software.
  • Easily share data with the entire educational team including parents and guardians.


Student, Classroom, and School Friendly Design

  • Student specific interfaces reduce complexity while engaging the students in their own data monitoring.
  • A single flexible system allows educators to use the software seamlessly as students cross between classrooms, teachers, and grades
  • Import and export student roster and performance data between Chartlyitcs and student information management systems with simple to use wizards

Compliance, Adherence and Teacher and Program Effectiveness

  • Notifications based on rate of learning thresholds, alert teachers to potential problems in learning before they are problems.*
  • Ensure teacher compliance and adherence to intervention programs with “supervisor” level dashboards and analytics.
  • Determine overall program effectiveness with aggregated performance data from all students and teachers.*

“Chartlytics helps me write better IEPs.” - Amanda M., The Vista School

*coming soon