Plans & Pricing

Starting at

$100 per year
per Student or Client (Performer) Seat

Unlimited Performers
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Charts
Unlimited Groups

Performer and Group Access Control and Permissions

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Standard Features

  • Secure, encrypted storage of Performer data
  • Video and Audio Annotations
  • Optimized for tablets (iPad, Android, Surface) Interface
  • Automatic backups so you'll (hopefully) never lose data


Need more storage?
  • 1 GB additional Storage   - $5/mo/GB


We will discount any plan by 5% for annual pre-payment or more for multi-year pre-payment. Additionally, if you have thousands of Performers, we'd be happy to discuss your situation with you.

Chartlytics Jumpstart Service

Our Jumpstart Package will help your organization build a solid foundation of essential measurement, charting, analysis, and data communication practices. We offer participants a hands-on experience learning all of the vital skills necessary for implementing Chartlytics. 
Jumpstart Sessions
Each session is 3 hours long and will include working examples and additional materials
Measuring behavior with exceptional precision
  1. Pinpointing behavior
  2. The three kings of behavioral metrics: frequency, duration, latency
  3. Smooth processes for measuring behavior daily or weekly

Applying sensitive analytics to pinpointed behavior
  1. Setting goals: Frequency aims, aim lines
  2. Evaluating progress with power analytics: celeration, bounce, outliers, and A.I.M.
  3. Evaluating change with transformational analytics: frequency multipliers, celeration multipliers
  4. Celeration projections

Implementing exemplary decision making and responsive interventions
  1. Tracking intervention changes (Continue and change decisions)
  2. Using an intervention hierarchy
  3. Manager dashboards
  4. Supervisor dashboards

Up and running with Chartlytics software
  1. Setting up User Accounts
  2. Assigning Users to Roles
  3. Creating and Organizing Pinpoints 
  4. Creating and Organizing Performers and Groups

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