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Knowledge Builder measures rate of learning. Specially designed for ABA courses, this technology helps students learn anything, anywhere, with precision, speed, and accuracy.

With an evidenced-based learning tool called SAFMEDS, students develop fluency with any content. Fluency leads to long term retention and integration of skills to higher order content. Meanwhile, professors gain instant data on which students are practicing, and which may need interventions to attain their goals.

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Faculty benefits

  • Accountability: see student practice results from anywhere, anytime

  • Monitoring: track interventions, and see who needs assistance

  • Time-saving: maximize instructional time by practicing outside of class

  • Scientific: based on individual measurement science

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Empirically-validated SAFMEDS technology is proven to build fluency and encourage retention. Instead of “learn and lose” late-night cramming, students practice a little each day—and their results are automatically sent for your review.

Fluency-style learning leads to true content mastery and deep processing of information. SAFMEDS research shows superior test scores and long term retention of content. The low-pressure timed practice trials promote high learning acceleration rates.

Student benefits

  •  Convenient: at their fingertips, with notifications

  •  Trackable: see and beat their own progress

  •  Memorable: gain deeper knowledge and retain it

  •  Measurable: real performance statistics on celeration, bounce, etc.

More fluency, more retention, at students’ fingertips. The SAFMEDS app sends notifications to remind students when to use SAFMEDS, enables short 30-180 second timing sessions, and tracks progress. Students login every day to see their goals, track progress, and implement change strategies.

With SAFMEDS, students learn facts, associations, concepts, rule relationships, and algorithms. Students watch the deck automatically grow, and self-monitor for added motivation.

Chartlytics enables me to conveniently bring an empirically-supported method of instruction into my graduate classroom. The program is user friendly and the customer support is first rate. The most important outcome? My students have been able to bring key performance areas to fluent levels. I do not believe this would happen without our infusing Chartlytics into our class.

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R. Trent Codd, III, Ed.S., BCBA

Lenoir-Rhyne University and Western Carolina University

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Knowledge Builder Includes

  • 1 Chartlytics account per student per semester (to learn)
  • 1 Chartlytics account per instructor (to assess)
  • support for successful implementation


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