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We're bringing the mountain to you. Discover how precisely defining behavior, precisely recording behavior, and using a standard chart to make data-driven decisions can help your clients progress faster than ever. Know exactly what your data means, and exactly what to do to help learners.

Our workshops and webinars cover behavior growth, reduction, maintenance — plus practical techniques, like frequency building, for accelerated learning. Read the descriptions to see what powerful tools and outcomes each provides.

Upcoming Workshops

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Connecticut workshop

Milford, CT

April 19-20, 2017

In collaboration with the Behavior Analysts Leadership Council and Milestones Behavioral Services.


Toronto Workshop

Toronto, Ont

May 10-11, 2018

Focus on behavior reduction. In collaboration with Shining Through Centre.

Pensacola Workshop

Pensacola, FL

June 14-15, 2018

In collaboration with the University of West Florida.


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Kerri Milyko

Kerri Milyko

Precision Teaching: A Two-Factored Powerhouse

April 25, 2018 at 7pm EST

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Dr. Kerri Milyko will talk about the “component-composite view” of how to transform or initially generate curriculum suited to Precision Teaching methods and measurement.  Attendees will see video clips ranging from children with developmental disabilities to those who are typically functioning, ages 3 to 12, with examples from Precision TLC’s curriculum.

**BACB Type 2 CEU available for a small fee.


Liz Lefebre

Liz Lefebre

Think Big, Start Small: Identifying Component Skills for Programming

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Liz has impressive, multi-national experience as a clinician and as a trainer/supervisor of clinicians. In this webinar she provides a brief overview for participants on how to identify component skills for larger composite skill area, and how to arrange instruction component skills in order to ensure composite skills develop for “free.”

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Kim Berens

From Precision to Scope: Measurement Practices to Affect Broad-Scale Change in Education

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Fit Learning regularly helps learners achieve a year's worth of progress in only 40 hours. The current webinar aims to share 20 years of discoveries made at Fit Learning regarding combining proximal and distal progress monitoring systems for the broad-scale impact of academic interventions.  An overview of Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) will be provided along with recommendations for evaluating these kinds of distal progress measures in relation to growth on more proximal pinpoints. Outcome data obtained with learners enrolled at Fit Learning across both proximal and distal progress measures will be shared.