Why Chartlytics?


In the competitive landscape of consumer products, people will ask “Why Chartlytics?” To which we deftly respond, “Why not?”

Well actually, we do have a better answer. The figure below shows why you and everyone one under your care and supervision needs Chartlytics.


Figure 1. The pillars of Chartlytics.

Chartlytics lives in the space of individual data monitoring, performance improvement, and communication enhancement. Our customers hail from public, private, charter, and home schools. We also serve behavior analysts, psychologists, family therapists. Chartlytics even has customers from the corporate world.

Our customer base grows because we do a number of things better than anyone else out there.

1. Measure


Behavior forms Chartlytics’ currency. You will find no other product that offers behavioral targets with such evident precision. Chartlytics offers a pinpoint+ generator yielding descriptions that everyone can detect, observe, and count. 

A behavioral target in the form of a pinpoint+ allows everyone to leverage the measurement process for the client’s/student’s/person’s benefit. People measure behavior because they want an outcome. The result may lie in increasing, decreasing, or maintaining behavior. Without a crystal clear target, producing results becomes increasing difficult, if not impossible. 

Try counting Jack’s understanding of fractions. Does understanding mean Jack will write the answer to a fraction problem? Or perhaps understanding refers to Jack conceptually explaining fractions? Whatever the goal, it will elude everyone until someone creates a more precise behavioral target.

2. Visualization


You have heard of “big data,” but how does that help with your specific individual? Most likely it doesn’t. Many company’s also offer options for displaying individual data on nonstandard linear graphs. In fact, almost everyone will provide you the same option.

Chartlytics uses the one-of-a-kind Standard Celeration Chart (SCC). The SCC empowers data monitors/analysts to experience deep insights into behavior change through:

  • a standard visual display
  • real qualification of behavior change
  • accurate projection of future learning
  • recognizable patterns of behavior
  • shareable, actionable analytics

3. Transform


Lives change when a person moves from a state of poor performance to fluent behavior. Chartlytics directly shows you how to build speed and accuracy of critical pinpoints. The robust, behavior building exercises occur in conjunction with real time behavior monitoring; when taken together chart readers see the behavior morph into a high functional, sturdy behavior.

Chartlytics does not tell a person what to teach. Such information comes from the teacher, psychologist, behavior analyst, or self-improvement But Chartlytics puts forward a world-class measurement and data display system, and technology for rapid, transformative behavior change. In upcoming blogposts we will show how each part of Chartlytics puts the science of individual measurement and behavior change into your hands.

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