What we learned in 2014


That time of the year has snuck up us again, another New Year! The time when we look back upon the previous 365 days and reflect over all the good and bad that has happened. Sometimes our contemplations lead to New Year’s resolutions. Other times they just lead to one big face palm. Like the time I tried to chug a bottle of water during a lecture but instead had the contents leak all over my shirt. Rick learned not to drink greedily from his bottle no matter how thirsty he becomes!

At Chartlytics, we learned valuable lessons which spur us into action this new 2015.

1. Continue the dialog. We have had direct, face-to-face conversations with our faithful customers at conferences, through Skype and Google Hangouts, and on the phone. Every time we hear from you we learn something new. We love the positive feedback and thrive on the excellent suggestions we have received so far. We will continue to speak with whoever would engage us in dialog (and we hope you all do).

2. Share more success stories. We started Chartlytics as a for-profit business, but we crafted our company to have a social conscious. Everything we do with our company, we do so so that it results in a superior product people can use to help themselves or others improve. And oh the stories we have heard so far! Some students have made more progress in two months using Chartlytics than a previous school year. A teacher whose student who could not master a beginning sequence figured out how to do so by using the pinpoint+ generator. 

3. Continue emails. We send out emails with updates and occasional clever quips (well we think they are clever). We like to send two emails per week but recently switched to one per week due to our focused attention on a grant. We monitor how many people read our emails and how many people leave by unsubscribing from our list. We have had very few people unsubscribe. On the other hand, we don’t have a very high read rate which means only some people find our messages consistently read-worthy. We would love your feedback for how you like your email updates.

4. Blogs have a nice effect. Blogging twice a week takes an incredible amount of discipline and hard work. We provide technical posts, curated posts, and informational posts. We gauge our impact by the comments left to us. Sometimes no one comments, other times we receive a few. But recently we have received word that some people do not like the reply function but have found great value in our information. We will continue the blogs and move back to a twice weekly schedule hopefully in February.

We do welcome ideas for future blog posts and we have an open door policy for guest blogs. 

5. Add physical workshops and webinars. We have received request for workshops and webinars. Quite an honor that you would like us to travel to your neck of the woods and hold a workshop. We have one in the works for hopefully February, definitely March, and will continue to move about throughout the states and abroad in each subsequent month. We also have webinars in development. 

Chartlytics has seen 2014 come and go. We spent lots of time and money on development. While we really haven’t made that much money in return, we will continue to invest as much as we can in Chartlytics. You, your clients, and all of Chartlytics customers are worth it!


Happy New Year from Rick and Dave!

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