Change behavior. Change lives. Precisely.

Do you dream about a better way to accelerate behavior change?

Do you wish for a better way to track progress and project outcomes?

Do you long for a day without paper?

Do you want to adapt in real time to the needs of your learners?

As an ABA professional, you know that the only way to determine how an intervention affects learner outcomes is through a robust measurement system. Chartlytics offers an outcome focused platform built around the science of behavioral measurement - using rate of response and standardized displays.

The results speak for themselves: students "learn how to learn."


Learning outcomes include acceleration of growth targets such as academic, personal care, vocational and communication skills. Reductive targets range from bad habits and mild misbehavior to tantrums and severe aggression. 

Chartlytics fosters rapid learning due to two proprietary factors: precision measurement and frequency building. 

1. Precision Measurement

Better measures means better data analysis.

Precision behavioral measurement ...

  • provides extraordinary accuracy for target behavior detection through “pinpoint+”
  • uses dimensional measures such as frequency or rate, latency, duration, and count only
  • emphasizes standard, absolute, and universal measures of behavior (dimensional units) 

legacy measures v dimensional measures.png


For precise measurement, Chartlytics provides the digital Standard Celeration Chart. Now, behavior professionals can maintain uniformity and consistency WITHOUT pencils and finders. ABA centers can accurately track student data, reuse pinpoints across learners, access data from anywhere, and accurately project the effects of interventions in real time. Plus, the electronic Standard Celeration Chart is accessible from anywhere, and quickly generates reports to share with coworkers, parents, or insurance companies. 

2. Behavioral Fluency

Time is the most precious resource for creating meaningful outcomes. 

Integrated into Chartlytics, frequency building harnesses each person’s latent potential through sustained, vigorous, smart practice. Students who build frequency in pivotal skills attain behavioral fluency and can learn higher order content at an accelerated rate, retain information and sustain performance for long periods of time, and generate novel forms of behavior.

Frequency Building...

  • optimizes practice routines, so they come together in a structured, personalized procedure
  • uses timed repetition of a pinpoint, plus performance feedback for personal growth and new capabilities. 
  • works with any curriculum or growth target, for faster outcomes

Simplified Objective Decision Making

Decisions are made based on trend, variability, and level. The construction of behavior change graphs affect each of these critical decision making components. Non-standard, linear graphs can distort understanding of behavior change, and only provide subjective decision making rules. 

Chartlytics simplifies decision making through a standard visual display, the Standard Celeration Chart. The digital platform includes built-in, quantified behavior change metrics that don't vary from graph to graph or staff to staff. At-a-glance decisions can be made with confidence, in real time.

So Why Use Chartlytics?

Data informs decision making. Decision making leads to interventions. Interventions drive outcomes.

With a strong foundation of precise dimensional behavior data, a standard visual display, and threshold-based decision making, interventions are more effective, leading to accelerated achievement.

There are many educational tools. There are many ABA techniques. But as one BCBA user put it, "Chartlytics isn't a tool; it's just the way we should collect data." 


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