Start Making Empirically Based Conclusions.

Enter Data Faster Than Ever Before

  • Web based data entry allows you to enter numerical values as you go

  • View reports in seconds to see learner progress
  • Make decision at a glance with visual analysis and instant quantification

Standardize Behavior Definitions Across Your Team

  • Directly define your behavior in a way that removes the ambiguity associated with  operational definitions

  • Provides a standardized framework to categorize any behavior in a way that everyone on the team can understand
  • Reusable data collection points can be organized into different folders for quick reuse across learners

Quantify Your Learners Change Into Tangible Results

  • Fits right into your existing efforts as a more powerful analytical tool

  • Generate reports that are sensitive to all changes in behavior
  • Accurately forecast student progress to know when your desired behavior will be achieved

Access Data Anywhere at Any Time

  • Cloud based design allows you view, input, and analyze data from any device, even offline

  • Create different user permission levels, so that only the people who need to see the learner’s data have access

  • Show growth by letting learners view and input their own data


A New Way of Communicating Data

  • Capture notes in real time to communicate effects of intervention

  • Drop text, picture, and video annotations right onto a progress chart to give context to your data  
  • Get a bird's eye view of how well clients are doing and how analyst are performing from administrative level dashboards*

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