Applying Frequency Building to Video Prompting

 A Powerful Combination

Video prompting, a form of video modeling, has a participant watch a video clip of one step of a task. Next, the participant has the opportunity to complete the step before viewing the next step. Video prompts employ a first person perspective which differs from video modeling. The emerging database shows video prompting has great effect teaching students a variety of skills.

In the upcoming webinar Dr. Jenn Wertalik will explain the basics of video prompting. She will also show how to add frequency building (i.e., a systematic practice procedure resulting in fluency) to video prompting. Dr. Wertalik will share videos and data from participants in a recent experimental study showing the dramatic effects of combining video prompting and frequency building. 




Grab Your Seat!

You Will Learn From Our Free Webinar:

  1. The basics of video prompting.

  2. The difference between first and third person point of view for video-based instruction.

  3. Skills and behaviors amenable to video prompting.

  4. How frequency building augments video prompting.


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