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Through individual behavior change analytics.

Chartlytics cloud based platform simplifies behavior measurement while standardizing visual analysis for real-time decision making to accelerate learning outcomes for all learners.

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Simplifying data collection

With precise pinpoints, you get data that finally makes sense. Chartlytics helps create pinpoints that are easy to count and detect, saving time and avoiding frustration. Front-line staff can accurately record the growth and reduction behavior on a digital, sharable chart.

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Standardizing decision making

Instantly see if your client is on-track to reach their goals, but using acceleration or deceleration aims. Celeration projections reveal whether the current intervention (or instruction) is working and on track to hit the target response. If not, staff can quickly and confidently respond. They may slice back to a component skill, or modify the schedule of reinforcement.

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Projecting outcomes

Make justification of services easier. Numbers like x2.1 (instead of approximations like "moderately increasing") precisely state the effectiveness of an intervention — and display when an intervention will be complete. Quantification gives you the power of transparency and accountability.

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Upcoming Events

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Connecticut Precision Teaching Workshop

Milford, CT Workshop

April 19-20, 2017

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In collaboration with the Behavior Analysts Leadership Council and Milestones Behavioral Services. 12 BACB Type 2 CEUs available.


  • a key technique (pinpointing) for better data collection
  • a quantified way to *instantly* determine the effect of your intervention — and easily justify services
  • an intro to the Standard Celeration Chart that has behavior pros saying, "wow! that was easy!"
FREE Webinar w/ Kerri Milyko

FREE Webinar

April 25, 2018 at 7pm EST

Precision Teaching: A two-factored powerhouse

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Dr. Kerri Milyko will talk about the “component-composite view” of how to transform or initially generate curriculum suited to Precision Teaching methods and measurement.  Attendees will see video clips ranging from children with developmental disabilities to those who are typically functioning, ages 3 to 12, with examples from Precision TLC’s curriculum.

**One [1] BACB Type 2 CEU available for a small fee.


Toronto BX Reduction workshop

Toronto, Ont Workshop

May 10-11, 2018

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Focus on behavior reduction. In collaboration with Shining Through Centre. 12 BACB Type 2 CEUs available.

Find out: 

  • where the Functional Analytic system leaks information
  • how a standard display enhances the immediate detection of functions subsequent patterns of responding
  • how to use the "fair pair" technique to meaningfully growing adaptive repertoires

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