Comprehensive discovery, progress monitoring, and intervention software that allows users to precisely define behaviors, measure them, and make decisions to affect accelerated outcomes.

Identify Behaviors 

  • Precisely pinpoint behaviors or achievement goals for confident tracking

  • Enter data with speed through our unique categorization system that allows for reuse of goals and objectives

  • Organize learners across all of your organizations or class rooms.


Measure Progress

  • Standard graphs mean instantaneous analysis and decision making

  • Equipped with accurate forecasting tools to give detailed predictions as to when learners are expected to meet proficiency standards

  • Make decisions based on empirical evidence

Communicate Results Quickly And Clearly

  • A standard display immediately informs all staff, departments, and parents.

  • Clear, instantly understandable quantifiable results means clarity across all parties

  • Automatically synced data means you never lose data and the whole team can stay on the same page


Disseminate Effective Strategies

  • User dashboards and snapshot insights mean the whole team can see what’s working for individuals and groups

  • Multilevel user control allows a custom setup for organizations of all sizes

  • Cloud based design allows for instant access on any device

Chartyltics allows better performance management, better instruction, and accelerated learning for learners, by implementing a unique approach for every level of the educational ecosystem.

Solutions Built With Your Field In Mind 

Special Education Teachers

Helping special educators not only reach their short term and long term IEP goals, but helping them make lasting impact on their students. Precise measuring and analysis tools makes educating students a breeze. 

Behavior Analysts

Use our simple interface to document data and , more importantly, analyze it. Create better intervention decisions with our in-depth reports. Forecast when students will attain proficiency while making sure that your incremental steps are achieving maximal effectiveness.

Precision Teachers

Stop buying paper charts and having to sort through hundreds of pages every time you want to do a quick comparison. With digital charting tools, you can create charts in seconds, utilize automated calculations, and compare them across time.

What Our Users Have To Say

"Chartlytics has made our classroom more data-driven and efficient! The user-friendliness of the program makes it ideal for involving related service professionals, parents, and students in the data collection process. Chartlytics made self-monitoring data a possibility for my students with severe cognitive disabilities and developmental delays increasing their intrinsic motivation and their ability to self-advocate!" - Stephanie Slavick, Special Education Teacher

Catch Up On Our Latest Webinar | With Dr. Rick Kubina​ BCBA-D

Pinpointing Social Skills
Social skills form an important part of everyone’s life. Join Chartlytics and our guest Kendra Peacock, a national expert on Precision Teaching and pinpointing, for an enlightening discussion on social skills and pinpointing.

Next Date: May 17th at 7PM EST


RICK KUBINA - Rick is a cofounder of Chartlytics and Professor at Penn State teaching and researching the science of individual measurement and performance/learning improvement.

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